Srđan Tunić

art historian, freelance curator, cultural manager and researcher

STAW BLGRD – Street Art Walks Belgrade project

Sometimes you meet people with whom you just can’t wait to work together. That opportunity came in autumn 2016 when Ljiljana Radošević and I decided to start a street art project, after our brief collaboration through Infiltri. The project – focusing mostly on research and on-site walks – finally gained visibility in summer 2017 and you can find more info about it below.

“Street Art Walks Belgrade” is a research project conducted by the Belgrade-based Civil Association “Artikal”. Our goal is to explore artistic production in the local scene since 2017 up to the present. These walks are also imagined as an educational part of our work, adjusted to a wider audience and accessible to everyone who finds graffiti and street art even remotely interesting. The ongoing program “Belgrade Street Art Experience” is made in collaboration with “Explore Belgrade!“.

The controversy surrounding graffiti and street art seems to be one of their most attractive qualities. Unfortunately, this feature is almost the only thing that the audience is allowed to see, while behind the scenes there is a whole universe of fresh, exciting and creative ideas.

This is the world we, art historians, want to uncover and share with you. Out there on the streets, in its natural setting, graffiti and street art will get a grip on you, for better or worse. These walks are a part of a wider research project that aims to document the contemporary graffiti and street art scene in Belgrade and will result in an academic publication. One of the goals of the project is to unify research, documentation, academic activities and educational workshops/walks. It is very important to us to share the knowledge we acquire during our research with the widest possible audience and to not restrict the access to a very small academic circle. We love it and we want to share that experience with you.


You can book our walks here:

STAW web

Tour on Explore Belgrade!

Info on Tripadvisor


And follow us on social networks:

STAW Facebook

STAW Instagram


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