Srđan Tunić

art historian, freelance curator, cultural manager and researcher

Street Art & Graffiti in Belgrade: Ecological Potentials? (SAUC, 2020)

“Since the emergence of the global contemporary graffiti and street art, urban spaces have become filled with a variety of techniques and art pieces, whether as a beautification method, commemorative … Continue reading

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Marta Gajić: Uplitanja (2020.)

Kataloški tekst za samostalnu izložbu Marte Gajić u galeriji Božidarca u Beogradu, 23.12.2020. – 08.01.2021. Za više informacija o umetnicinom radu posetite njen Instagram nalog, a katalog možete skinuti ovde. … Continue reading

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K13 mural jam: “Vazda je dobro, jer stilovi su razni” (2020.)

SR/EN U nedelju smo završili sa muralom. Prvi mural u čijoj sam izradi kreativno učestvovao (četkicom i bojama, ne tekstom i organizacijom, ili blejom). Počelo je sa „pa hajde da … Continue reading

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#GrafitiVikendPG – program & press (2020.)

SR: Od 10. do 12. septembra Marko Vujović i ja smo organizovali #GrafitiVikendPG, program posvećen grafitima i uličnoj umetnosti u Podgorici. Više o programu možete videti ispod, kao i u … Continue reading

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Walking Trees: Gloria Anzaldúa as an inspirational vortex of change (2016)

Firstly, I would like to thank editors and professors Nina Höchtl, Rían Lozano, and Coco Gutiérrez-Magallanes for allowing the opportunity – and thus support – for this text to be … Continue reading

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Trans-Cultural Dialogues (2012-2018): A journey

Taken from Trans-Cultural Dialogues blog, a short reflection on how we worked together across the Mediterranean, which values draw us together and challenges encountered. Before answering how we worked together, … Continue reading

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Starchild’s Crafts – the background story…

September 2017, I’m at home and depressed. All my paid project work for the year has been done, and MA thesis submitted. I entered a gap. What now, the voice … Continue reading

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Grafiti u pokretu (Papergirl Galerija Hub, 2019.)

Pokreni se, pa će blagoslov sam doći. (avganistanska izreka) Ideja projekta Grafiti u pokretu je da se pomoću umetnosti stvori mesto gde će se čuti glas same migrantske grupacije, a ne interpretacija … Continue reading

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One day you will miss me: An interview with Julia Gaisbacher (2018/2019)

One of the exciting aspects of working with artists is that you have a chance to see how they work, to peek into their creative process. It’s like standing behind … Continue reading

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Intervju sa Alom Dejvisonom (Al Davison, 2011.)

Al Dejvison (Al Davison, 1960.), poznat nekada pod pseudonimom Astralni ciganin (The Astral Gypsy, sada TAG artwork), je engleski umetnik – netipični strip crtač i scenarista, ilustrator, slikar, autor kratkih … Continue reading

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