Srđan Tunić

art historian, freelance curator, cultural manager and researcher

Trans-Cultural Dialogues (2012-2018): A journey

Taken from Trans-Cultural Dialogues blog, a short reflection on how we worked together across the Mediterranean, which values draw us together and challenges encountered. Before answering how we worked together, … Continue reading

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Starchild’s Crafts – the background story…

September 2017, I’m at home and depressed. All my paid project work for the year has been done, and MA thesis submitted. I entered a gap. What now, the voice … Continue reading

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Grafiti u pokretu (Papergirl Galerija Hub, 2019.)

Pokreni se, pa će blagoslov sam doći. (avganistanska izreka) Ideja projekta Grafiti u pokretu je da se pomoću umetnosti stvori mesto gde će se čuti glas same migrantske grupacije, a ne interpretacija … Continue reading

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One day you will miss me: An interview with Julia Gaisbacher (2018/2019)

One of the exciting aspects of working with artists is that you have a chance to see how they work, to peek into their creative process. It’s like standing behind … Continue reading

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Intervju sa Alom Dejvisonom (Al Davison, 2011.)

Al Dejvison (Al Davison, 1960.), poznat nekada pod pseudonimom Astralni ciganin (The Astral Gypsy, sada TAG artwork), je engleski umetnik – netipični strip crtač i scenarista, ilustrator, slikar, autor kratkih … Continue reading

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Belgrade Cooperative building – the center and mirror of city visions (time travel story, Uneven Earth, Not Afraid of the Ruins, 2018)

Hey! (waving) Are you here for… HELLO! Are you guys here for the time travel tour?! Glad I found you so quickly, this place is crowded, follow me. Is it … Continue reading

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Co-creation process, prikaz izložbe “Obični pojmovi” (2017.)

Izložba Obični pojmovi otvorena je u Banjaluci 9. juna 2017. u prostoru Velikog salona Banskog dvora, kao diplomska izložba studenata programa za slikarstvo Fakulteta lijepih umetnosti Nezavisnog Univerziteta Banja Luka (NUBL). Više … Continue reading

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Memories of a Bombardment: Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of the NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia (Balkanist magazine, 2019)

“It’s hard to believe that 20 years have passed since the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. From today’s vantage point, those 78 days seem like a foreign world, and one that … Continue reading

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Eko-utopije Nikole Lalovića (2019.)

Koji je ovo svet? Neki prošli, u kojem ljudi nisu bili toliko destruktivni prema svojoj okolini? Neki paralelni, koji je krenuo drugim, eco-friendlyputem? Neki budući, ili čak sasvim vanzemaljski? Kako god … Continue reading

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Trans-Cultural Dialogues (2012-2017)

  Dear fellow travellers and followers, even though our activity stopped after El Medreb we decided to leave a trace of what we have been doing during these years and … Continue reading

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