Srđan Tunić

art historian, freelance curator, cultural manager and researcher

Cultural Innovators Network – interview (2012)

I had a short interview with journalist Raphael Thelen, for the Cultural Innovators Network website, being part of two projects of the platform: Trans-Cultural Dialogues and Infiltri.

See the interview at:

P.S. the link is dead, the whole content is redistributed here; you can find the interview text below:

If you want to succeed in the art world, you have to leave your little island. This sentence sums up what stands at the center of Srdjan Tunic’s endeavors. Coming from an art history background, Srdjan worked in Belgrade’s Museum of African Art as a curatorial associate and in the education department. One day a colleague walked up to him and said, “We need someone to do the fundraising. Can you do it?” At the time Srdjan had no practical experience in this field, but took the chance. “I visited courses and workshops and learnt whatever I could,” he says. Gaining practical knowledge and skills outside of his academic background was the beginning of his reorientation. “Now, I work independently somewhere between curation and entrepreneurship,” he says.

“You have to multitask.” Srdjan started to work on many projects, most notably one called ‘About and Around Curating’, cooperating with young artists and future curators to create open workspaces for students to gain practical knowledge and skills in the spirit of shared culture. He provides exhibition spaces and organisational frameworks, while learning about the technological process of making art. In the meantime, he is involved in teaching, mentorship and coordination. In his eyes, all this helps to broaden your point of view. “We have to make the profession interdisciplinary. That helps you to see things from different perspectives and realize that your view is only one of many,” he says. “Having a very narrow perspective is dangerous.” The cooperation with other participants from the Cultural Innovators Network, he stresses, helped him broaden his own view and experience.

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A friend showed me recently that at some moment her neighboring building got some attention by two artists. First @anthonybrooksart made a 3D model and then @dedinoje draw an illustration. And than it clicked - why not make it in clay? I’ve been wanting to make buildings and dioramas (again) for some time and this seemed as a good excuse 😁
Zgrada u Visokog Stevana 27. Prvo je @anthonybrooksart napravio 3D model, pa je @dedinoje uradio ilustraciju, pa rekoh sebi što da ne nastavim niz... 😎
Peče se, peče... zgrada! Ovaj put povratak na domaći Beolin tj. @papas_clay_serbia.
Kucov dobija na pažnji 🥰
“Zašto se ovaj De Votops, kao nekada onaj August Strinberg, toliko trudi oko oblaka? U ovom životu, smatram, koji se odvija po hiljadama pravila i zakona, nametnutih od istorije i drugih ljudi sa kojima se mora, protiv volje, zajedno živeti, pa i situacija koje nijedan čovek ne može sam da menja, u ovom životu, punom patetičnih običaja i tradicionalnih strahota, mora postojati neki paralelni svet, neka metafora i zamena, nešto jasnije i preciznije”.
The inside of the cloud machine. This new assemblage is inspired by the design Vojislav Despotov describes in his Jesen svakog drveta (The autumn of every tree) novel. The main protagonist De Votops is obsessed with clouds and fog and decides to produce them on his own, in a DIY manner - a freezer motor here, a room heater there... I used discarded material such as a carton dates box, old soda cartridges, mirror, empty enamel paints... also playing around with what I have.
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